TreeID: Tree Identification Key for Kerala


TreeID is designed to identify the trees of Kerala by selecting a few easily observable/ recognisable key characters through a multi-entry, menu driven program.

Main menu
The key characters for identification of trees are arranged in the main menu under different icons such as bole, leaf form, leaf margin, etc.
One can choose any character by just clicking on the icon.


Main Window

Character selection
When an icon is selected all characters under the selected icons (bole, leaf type,  form, leaf margin, petiole, etc.) will be displayed (example: leaf base) and most matching character can be selected by a single click.
Select as many as characters from the main menu while identifying trees (leaf, habitat, bole, barkcolour, exudation, nerves & common names,  etc.).


Selection Table
The selected characters will be displayed on the Selection Table placed at the right side of the main menu.

One can check all the entered characters from the Section Table.  If any selected character is found doubtful, it can be removed by using clear button and for removing all selected characters with clear all button in the Selection Table.

After completion of selection, find the matching species by clicking the Find Tree icon. 

Scientific names of all trees matching the selected characters will be displayed in the result window. If the list of trees in the Result Window are more, return to main menu and select a few more characters and repeat the find process. The list in the result window will be reduced and finally to the tree to be identified. Images (enlarged views are available by clicking on the image) of the trees will be appear in the result window. When there are more images for a tree, view other images using Next Icon and Previous Icon.


Result Window

If the list in result window contains more than one trees, compare the images of the trees in list and find out the matching species.


Available data
The correct scientific names, basionyms/synonyms, author citation with full reference, family, detailed description, habitat, English and local names, geographical distribution, phenology and altitude are provided for each species.

In addition, a distribution map of the species in Kerala showing the representing district(s) and protected area (s) is also provided.

Search facility (in the main window) is provided for family/genus/specific-epithet (also using any comparable ‘phrase’) of trees.  Glossary (in main window) for easy recognition of characters and scientific terms, a detailed glossary is also provided.

Result Window: View all images of a species
Bole characters
Leaf Type
Leaf base
Leaf arrangements
Nerve characters
Leaf form
Leaf apex
Petiole characters
Leaf size
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